What is a community garden?

There are many different types of community gardens. For the purposes of this policy, a community garden is defined as a community led and managed, not-for-profit initiative, where members of the local community come together to garden in individual or shared plots and produce is intended for the consumption of the gardeners. Community gardens are open to the public on a regular basis and anyone can become a member.

How many community gardens are there in the City of Marion?

There are currently five community gardens in the City of Marion and one under development. Three of these community gardens are on Council land and the others are on private land or Department of Education land. Visit our community gardens webpage for a list of community gardens in the City of Marion. 

Who manages community gardens?

Community gardens have a range of different management models. In the City of Marion, they are generally managed by an incorporated community group or organisation. The exception is Glandore Community Garden which is managed by Council through the Glandore Neighbourhood Centre. 

How does Council support community gardens?

Council can provide the following support for gardening groups:

·  Assessing proposed community garden sites

·  Assessment and approval of community garden proposals

·  Facilitate community engagement and consultation with the surrounding community

·  Provide input into garden planning and design

·  Provide guidance on developing Management Plans for community gardens

·  Assistance with promoting community gardens

·  Providing resources and building capacity for gardening groups

·  Contributing resources such as people, materials and ‘in-kind’ support where possible. 

What is the process for starting a new community garden on Council land in the City of Marion?

The process for starting a new community garden on Council land is outlined in the City of Marion Community Garden Guidelines

Where can I find out more about verge gardening?

To find out about verge gardening in the City of Marion go to the verges page of the Marion website.