What is a DPA?

    Development refers to a wide range of activities associated with:
    *changes in land use
    *advertising displays
    *land division and community title division
    *building work.

    Development Plans contain the planning controls that guide what can and cannot be developed in council areas. Planning authorities use these planning controls to assess new development proposals.

    A Development Plan Amendment (DPA) is a document that describes proposed changes to a Development Plan.

    DPAs must be prepared according to certain processes set out by legislation (the Development Act 1993 and associated Regulations).

    What doesn't a DPA include ?

    A DPA only provides an indication of the likely layout of the site and particular forms of development anticipated. The detailed location and forms of building will not be known until development applications are received in the future.

    Who can comment?

    Both Councils are looking for feedback from interested local residents, businesses and community groups. We’re committed to listening to everyone, equally. 

    How can I have my say?

    Public consultation commenced on Thursday 22 August 2019 and will run for 8 weeks until Thursday 17 October 2019. Copies of the Draft DPA are available to read at both Council Administration buildings as well as online through their websites. During this time, you can provide written feedback to the City of Marion about changes to either or both Councils' Development Plans and indicate whether you wish to be heard at a public hearing. The public hearing will be held in the week following the close of public consultation on Thursday 24 October 2019. Issues raised in submissions will be considered by both Council's and any necessary amendments will be made to their respective DPA's.

    Do I have to provide feedback?

    No, it is up to you whether you want to provide comment back to the City of Marion about the changes to the Development Plans of the City of Marion or the City of Holdfast Bay.

    What happens if the DPA gets approval?

    Once approved the new zone is included in both councils’ Development Plans

    The owner of the site can then lodge a land division application with Council/s showing individual land parcels and road layouts etc. This may involve works required to internal and external infrastructure (site works, roads, stormwater etc)

    Following this the owner of the site can lodge land use applications for particular buildings (commercial, residential etc).

    When will the changes come into place?

    Council is aiming to finalise its work on the DPA by the end of the year (2019). The DPA will then be submitted to the Minister for Planning. Council hopes that the DPA will be implemented in 2020.

    What happened between 2012 and 2019?

    A draft DPA was produced and placed on (statutory) agency consultation and the feedback from a variety of State Government agencies and utilities was used to make amendments to the draft DPA in 2014/15. Both Councils endorsed the draft DPA in August 2015 for public consultation, however this was postponed until the relocation of the quarry haul road could be investigated. An alternative haul route has now been negotiated by quarry owner and the landowners. This has enable the DPA to be reviewed this year and updated as necessary, ready again for statutory consultation.

    Will I be notified of the proposed changes?

    As part of our joint public consultation with the City of Holdfast Bay, we will post an information brochure to all affected properties to gather feedback on the proposed changes. The feedback will then be considered, the DPA amended as necessary, and submitted to the State Government for approval. When/if the DPA is approved, a notice will be placed in the Government Gazette and we will close the loop with all those who have engaged with us, including via here on Making Marion.

    What is meant by the line 'No change to the Hills Face Zone boundary or policies is proposed' - does it mean for just this DPA or never at all?

    The statement 'No change to the Hills Face Zone boundary or policies is proposed' relates to the Seacliff Park Residential and Centre DPA only.