I have a query about my bin collection service. Who should I contact?

    The City of Marion website has information to help with queries regarding:

    -  Bin collection days

    -  Missed collections

    -  Hard rubbish bookings

    -  Recycling food waste

    -  Waste and recycling education programs

    If you can’t find the information you’re looking for on our website, please contact Council by emailing council@marion.sa.gov.au or calling 8375 6600.

    Where does my recycling go?

    All recycling bin materials are sorted by VISY at Wingfield into different categories or 'streams' of mixed paper and cardboard, steel, aluminium, glass and plastics.

    After the materials have been separated into different streams, they are crushed into bales and transported to various manufacturers where they are reprocessed into new products such as glass jars, plastic containers, cardboard packaging and steel products. Markets for these products are still strong.

    All material from City of Marion’s green organics bins go to Peats Soils where the material is turned into nutrient-rich compost, which is bagged and sold from garden centres around South Australia. 

    Where can I find out which bin to put something in?

    If in doubt about which bin to put something in, find out on the Which bin website