Why was Bray Street identified for an upgrade?

Council developed a Priority Scoring System comprising of a suite if six (6) weighted criteria based on the desired values and outcomes.  This Scoring system identified Bray Street and consequently a plan has been developed.

Furthermore Bray Street has been identified as a significant east-west connection involving Raglan Avenue and Edward Street (within the City of Mitcham). 

Will Bray Street be closed and will I have access to my property?

Work zones will need to be setup, but the road will remain open during construction and access to properties maintained.

Some out of hours / evening works may be required in the vicinity of the Bray Street Shops.

Following construction will traffic movements be altered on Bray Street?

No, the final layout will still consist of one traffic lane and a bike lane in each direction. 

When will construction of this project commence and conclude?

At this stage, the project is due to commence in June 2019 and conclude in December 2019.

Why is the pavement being raised adjacent to the local shops?

It is expected that this treatment will:

  • Highlight the shopping area and therefore the movement of people
  • Slow traffic
  • Improve safety