When could these changes take place?

Council is expected to consider the results of community consultation soon. The community will be notified of the outcome once Council makes a decision.

Why is Council considering these changes?

Council is considering introducing the laws to protect wildlife and reduce nuisance.

Is Council generally consulting on cats?

No. Council is only consulting on the proposed new By-law no. 7.

The existing Cat By-law no. 6 would be updated to remove duplications and change definitions that are dealt with in new state legislation.

Could I be fined if my cat is found “wandering at large”.

Yes. If adopted, the new by-law could see owners fined $187.50.

How will I be notified if my cat is caught “wandering at large”?

Staff will seek to contact owners of cats identified with a microchip. Please keep your details up-to-date.

What would I do if a cat is wandering in my property?

Residents could request a special cage from Council to help catch wandering cats.

If a cat is caught, residents can contact Council staff to collect it. 

Identified cats would be returned to their owners, who will be reminded to keep their cat indoors during prescribed hours, and may be given an expiation notice. If the owners cannot be identified or contacted, cats will be taken to the RSPCA.

Will I have to register my cat?

No. Council is not introducing cat registration.