What will happen to the reserve if the playground is moved from its current location?

    The area where the playground is removed will be landscaped to match surrounding conditions.

    If the road is to be closed when will this happen?

    The process for a road closure can take up to a year and involves further consultation with the community. Further consultation will be undertaken as required under the Road (Opening and Closing) Act 1991.

    What will happen to the reserve that will not have the new playground?

    The other reserve will be developed in line with the Open Space Plan which is under review.  This consultation will contribute to the future development of all open space in Hallett Cove.

    How will I travel around the potential road closure?

    The potential road closure on Central Avenue is between Second and Third Streets. 

    Please consider your alternative route before giving feedback.

    Has Council already made a decision on the road closure and playground placement?

    No, we are undertaking this consultation to understand the community’s preferred options.

    The process from here is to:

    1. Consolidate community feedback.
    2. Inform community members of the preferred playground location and determine if there is support for the closure of the road.
    3. If a road closure is supported, begin the road closure process.
    4. Develop a playground design and consult with community on this design.

    When will the new playground be built?

    Playground development is a two year process:

    Year 1 (18/19) Consultation and design
    Year 2 (19/20) Construction of a new playground

    The old playground will be removed as the construction of the new playground begins.

    Will the playground have irrigated grass?

    Irrigation of all reserves will be reviewed once a preferred location for the playground is known.