What will happen to my feedback?

We will use your feedback to identify priorities for the community.
  • Identifying high priorities to be considered in future Annual Business Plan
  • Addressing levels of service gaps to feed into our 10 year plans (e.g. asset management plans)
  • Assess our performance against services under each community theme
  • Provide insights to support the organisation to know their customer
  • Provide elected members with insights to support their decision making role

What are the advantages of engaging online?

It is a quick, safe and convenient way to have your say on a range of issues and topics.

It is a great way to keep up to date and contribute your views on issues affecting your community.

You can see what other community members think about an issue or topic, respond with your own views and engage in a discussion.

You don't have to attend community meetings at a set place and time, you can contribute at a time and place that suits you.

It allows for a range of different people, with different views to discuss matters that impact on their community.