Birch Crescent FAQs

    What is happening in front of my house?

    This will depend on the design of the particular project; however generally the only change would be a street tree, low level vegetation or perhaps a new footpath.

    Will these plans reduce parking in the street?

    These plans are designed to enhance the street environment while catering for the needs of residents, business owners and commercial requirements. There is no intention to reduce parking. Indented parking is being proposed along the eastern side of Birch Crescent to support traffic movement.

    Will any environmental treatments be installed as part of these schemes?

    Water Sensitive Urban Design will be implemented where possible.

    When will there be road access from Birch Crescent into the Tonsley Innovation District?

    That area is subject to contractual considerations. Once the requirements of the contract are completed, consideration can be given to that possible future connection.

Flinders Greenway FAQs

    Where are the access points from the Flinders Greenway into the Tonsley Innovation District?

    Two possible future pedestrian links between the Greenway and Tonsley Innovation District are identified on the Greenway Concept Plan – as dotted lines and labelled number 4 – linking the Greenway to the MAB Circuit. Note that they are subject to final development sites within the Tonsley Innovation District.

    What is happening in the area of Chestnut Court and Ash Avenue, where the residents were relocated, houses demolished and Renewal SA consulted nearby residents on turning some of the area into temporary open space for community use?

    The use of part of the area as open space for community was always envisaged as temporary, pending the longer-term planning for the Tonsley Innovation District, and also plans for the future Greenway.

    While most of the area was owned by Housing SA (now the Housing Authority) the lot on which the open space was planned was privately owned, purchased by Renewal SA and subsequently transferred to the Housing Authority, which has responsibility for any future development. The Housing Authority’s future plans are currently unknown. For information/enquiries visit 

    When will the Flinders Greenway north of Alawoona Avenue (Tonsley Village) be established and what will it look like?

    The future greenway north of Alawoona Avenue will be developed by PEET Limited, as part of the 11 hectare Tonsley Village residential development within the broader Tonsley Innovation District.

    The future greenway north of Alawoona formed part of the Master Plan for the residential precinct and was approved as part of the initial Planning Application for the subdivision. Further detailed design of the future Greenway north of Alawoona will be developed in line with the approved Master Plan. The local community was engaged on the open space within the Master Plan prior to Master Plan approval.   The Greenway will be delivered in stages aligning with the Tonsley Village civil staging works, with final completion of the residential precinct anticipated in 2025. 

    Key design features of the Flinders Greenway south of Alawoona will flow on into the future greenway to the north – seamlessly linking the two, both practically and aesthetically. 

    Early, indicative concepts of the greenway are included in the Tonsley Village master plan fly-through video which can be viewed at 

    Is there environmental testing in the Tonsley Village residential area, and if so, why?

    Prior to PEET Limited developing Tonsley Village, Renewal SA undertook a Site Contamination Audit to confirm the site suitability for residential development. This is a common requirement for any residential land development being undertaken on land that was not previously residential land. The results of the audit confirmed that the land is suitable for a range of uses, including residential development. 

    The audit also requires ongoing monitoring of the environmental conditions. Regular testing of ground water and soil vapour is being undertaken every twelve months, with the full results available on Renewal SA’s website at

General Project FAQs

    What will some of the benefits be to the community once the project is completed?

    The Project Outcomes will deliver:

    1. Enhanced walking and cycling connections from Flinders Hub to and within the Tonsley Innovation precinct and wider community.

    2. Reduction of vehicle congestion of those traversing within the precinct by providing the infrastructure to support sustainable walking and cycling alternatives.

    3. Enhance public realm amenity and activation of the precinct by improvements to local community accessibility, environmental quality and safety within the precinct.

    4. Improved stormwater management.

    5. Connections to regional and local linear parks and pedestrian/cycling links.

    What is happening with the environmental investigations (drilling / testing of groundwater / vapour) in Clovelly Park / Mitchell Park / Marion for TCE?

    There are no plans for Renewal SA to carry out further environmental investigations in the areas of Clovelly Park, Mitchell Park and Marion as part of the Voluntary Site Contamination Assessment Proposal (VSCAP) entered into by Renewal SA with the EPA in early 2015. 

    Renewal SA carried out testing of groundwater in areas of Clovelly Park and Mitchell Park from mid-2015 through to late 2019. The main focus of investigations in 2016 were to find the north-western extent of the groundwater contamination in the Mitchell Park/Marion area, while further investigations between November 2017 and April 2018, confirmed that the contamination previously reported in this area has not changed, although its extent is now better defined.

    The Auditor also concluded that the risks to residents in the broader notification/engagement area do not exceed the acceptable levels set by the EPA. For more information, visit Renewal SA website – at the following link

    When will the Tonsley Village public open space be developed?

    PEET Limited and Renewal SA are developing the Tonsley Village in an east/ west direction as a practical staged approach to service provision (i.e. stormwater, sewer connections). Consequently, the open space component of the development is yet to commence. Council staff have been informed that PEET is currently working on the design development of the central reserve, with the intent to start works on site towards mid-2021 and deliver the works in stages as per the current civil staging plan. Other open space will also be delivered in accordance with civil staging of the entire site, with all planned to be completed in 2025.

    What public open space is being provided in Tonsley Village and how does it connect to the surrounding area and other open reserves?

    As part of Council’s statement of requirements, the open space will include regional play value facilities in accordance with Council’s playground hierarchy service levels and framework.

    Council debated a report on the Tonsley Greenway – Celtic Avenue to Daws Road (23 April 2019), resolving a preferred alignment. This can be viewed at the following link.

    GC Agenda 23 April 2019

    GC Minutes 23 April 2019 

    Council and Renewal SA continue to lobby for the proposed pedestrian active crossing towards the northern end of Tonsley Village, providing accessibility across the corridor to Mitchell Park Sports and Community Centre. Local residents expressed their wish for those connections during consultation on the Master Plan.