Why are you consulting with the Marino Community about the Marino Community Hall?

    Council has asked staff to provide a feasibility study in to the future of both the Marino Community Hall and the vacant land adjacent which it now owns. As part of this study, Council wanted for us to include the voice of the community so it will be considered in any future development.  

    When will the consultation take place?

    We will be collecting ideas from the community from 1 November to 13 December. A community engagement report will then be written and be included in the feasibility study that will take place in early 2020.

    How can I submit my idea for the future of Marino Community Hall?

    There are a number of ways you can submit an idea for the future of Marino Community Hall. They include via free post postcard, via the 'I wish this was...' board at the hall, online using the ideas tool or by downloading a printable postcard and sending it back to us. We will also be holding a number of community satisfaction session at the hall. 

    What happens once the consultation is finished?

    When the consultation closes on 13 December we will write a report about what the community is saying about the Marino Community Hall site. This will be included as part of a feasibility study that will take place in early 2020 and then reported back to Council by mid 2020 for a decision on the next steps. 

    What ideas can we submit?

    We are happy to receive any ideas or thoughts about the site, however we can't promise that the ideas will be developed. We want to hear what people in the Marino area have on their wish list so we can make the most informed choices for the community and the sites future.

    Please note that the land on which the site sits has existing zoning which states:

    · Apartments (residential flat building) are non-complying and therefore very unlikely to be approved.

    · Any shops would need to be less than 150m2 total gross leasable area to avoid triggering non-complying.

    ·  A restaurant would be non-complying. Note: restaurant means land used primarily for the consumption of meals on the site; therefore a small café servicing a community centre as the primary use would not trigger this.

    ·  The existing community hall or centre land use is generally supported and Council has existing use rights so only expansion or changes to this use will need to be assessed.