Why is the layout of the oval being changed?

    Altering the layout of the oval aims to address safety concerns regarding its current proximity to spectators, coaching boxes and fence. Sections of the oval will be returfed.

    When will a decision be made about the new layout?

    Council is expected to consider community feedback at its January 2019 meeting. Once an option has been selected, the realignment will be designed in detail.

    When will work begin?

    Building work will begin in early 2019. Work to alter the layout of the oval is expected to begin in late 2019. Work to alter the layout of the oval is expected to begin in late 2019.

    The project is expected to be completed in March 2020.

    What times will building work be undertaken?

    The site will be under construction five days a week, Monday to Friday, 7am to 5pm.

    How will construction dust and noise be managed?

    The contractor will seek to minimise dust, noise and water runoff in accordance with environmental standards. A water truck will be onsite to dampen dust.

    Will the oval be able to be used for games during the 2019 season?

    The construction works will not impact on the use of the oval for football games during the 2019 season. Temporary facilities will be provided for the clubs while the clubrooms are being redeveloped.

    The oval realignment will begin at the close of the 2019 football season.

    During the 2019-20 cricket season, games will be relocated.

    The City of Marion has recently installed new lights, will the lights be impacted by the oval realignment?

    Depending on option selected, the south west light tower may be moved.

    Why is the centre being upgraded?

    The facilities cannot meet the needs of the expanding club or the local community.

    The changing rooms are more than 50 years old and in poor condition. There are no female changing rooms for the club’s more than 160 female Australian rules footballers or visiting players.

    Facilities do not meet AFL guidelines.

    Women’s football is one of Australian’s fastest growing sports with more than 6700 players registered in South Australia. 

    Will carparking be improved?

    A traffic management study found that the car parking is adequate to meet the current and future needs of the site.

    The oval realignment includes additional car park spaces, resurfacing and installing new lights to the car park on Denham Avenue. The adjacent footpath will also be improved.

    How will local roads be affected?

    Disruption will be kept to a minimum during construction. We aim to notify households around the centre via letterbox drop if we need to temporarily close a road or divert traffic for an extended period of time. Speed limits may also be reduced to keep building workers safe.

    Will the telecommunication tower be relocated?

    The tower will remain at its current location.