What are the changes to commuter car parking surrounding the new Oaklands Station?

    The Oaklands Station has redistributed car parking across all four quadrants of the station with pedestrian connections. Car parking is provided on Crozier Terrace, Murray Terrace, Railway Terrace and Addison Avenue. The Oaklands Crossing project has delivered an additional 50 car parks. An illustration of car parking changes is attached for reference.

    The City of Marion are implementing technological solutions to support wayfinding and real time parking vacancy within the precinct.

    In addition, the Dwyer Rd Reserve and Diagonal Way redevelopment will incorporate 7 indented car parks on Dwyer Rd and 33 formalised parks on Diagonal Way.   

    What is the Oaklands Precinct upgrade?

    The project provides a significant opportunity to connect the new railway station to the Marion Regional Centre through enhanced walking and cycling infrastructure, technology for car parking, lighting, play equipment and public park recreation and social gathering facilities.

    What did we hear from the community consultation May 2019?

    ·  Overall support of concept plan 91%

    ·  Level of support for the proposed road closure 82%

    ·  Support for playground and reserve development priorities for nature play, climbing and sliding, multi-purpose community court, running track and smart play

    ·  Support for lighting that dims on and off with movement, energy generating material and powered benches

    ·  Support for lawn and shaded areas with seating and picnic tables.

    ·  Request for indented car parking along the northern edge of Dwyer Road Reserve

    ·  Request for traffic and parking controls within the area to improve movement and reduce congestion. This is being being implemented through technology solutions and wayfinding

    ·  More trees to be planted attracting birds and insects.

    Will a toilet be provided in the reserve development?

    An exeloo toilet has been located to the south of the station within 70 metre walking distance to the reserve. The design provides a direct walking path between the facilities supported by signage. 

    What is a “Smart precinct”?

    A smart precinct means Council uses technology and data to provide services and facilities more effectively and innovatively.

    What section of road is closed?

    Diagonal Way, north of the residential properties, has been closed by the Surveyor General.

    Will I be able to drive down my street?

    Vehicle access is retained to Diagonal Way from Crew Street for residential access. Formalised on street car parking will be provided on Diagonal Way increasing capacity in the precinct.

    Who will be affected by these works?

    A traffic impact statement has been developed as per attached.

    When will these changes take place?

    Diagonal Way, north of the residential properties, has been closed by the Surveyor General.

    Council endorsed detailed designs fro Dwyer Rd Reserve and Diagonal Way in February 2020.

    Construction works on Dwyer Road Reserve and Diagonal Way will commence in June 2020 with expected completion October 2020.

    Construction works will be from 7am -5pm weekdays. We will advise of any changes to traffic conditions during construction.

    How long will works take?

    Dwyer Road Reserve and Diagonal Way upgrade is scheduled to be completed by October 2020.

    What's happening next?

    Detailed Designs for Diagonal Road (Crew Street to Sturt Road) will commence 2020/21 financial year. Construction works on this stretch of streetscape is anticipated to commence July 2021.

    Designs for the northern verge of Railway Tce shop fronts to First Avenue will be designed and built 2020/21 financial year.