Toilet FAQs

What features does the proposed exeloo have?

  • Access for people with disabilities
  • Automatic daily locking and unlocking
  • Usage time limits
  • Stainless steel vandal resistant interior
  • Feature artwork around the exterior of the building.

What will the opening hours of the toilet be?

The toilets will be open from 6am to 8pm unless special circumstances warrant otherwise. We welcome further feedback on this.

Can I still access the reserve during construction?

Parts of the reserve will remain open during the construction. Areas under construction will be closed off with temporary fencing. Alternate routes around the reserve will be marked with signage.

When will the reserve upgrade begin?

Construction will commence August 2019 and completion is scheduled for November 2019.

How long will the upgrade take take?

We anticipate the upgrade to be completed by the end of November 2019.

Playground Upgrade

FAQs about the Playground Upgrade