What is a master plan?

    A master plan is a term used by planners to describe a comprehensive planning process for developing new facilities. By following this process, planners are able to determine a wide range of interconnecting issues that affect the planning of a facility and the suburban area that surrounds them.

    A master plan document usually includes:

    •  A vision for the site
    •  Fully costed financial plan
    •  Management Plan
    •  Maintenance Plan
    •  Graphic designs and concept plans – drawings

    Which facilities is council developing a master plan for?

    Council will commence planning at the following sites:

    •  Cove Sports & Community Club
    •  Edwardstown Soldiers Memorial Recreation Ground
    •  Marion Sports & Community Club
    •  Mitchell Park Sports & Community Club.

    Why has council chosen these 4 sites?

    The 4 sites have been chosen as they are council’s largest sporting and community facilities as they have the best capacity for future growth.

    By planning for large multi-purpose facilities the city will maximise the potential for people to have access to high quality facilities whilst also reducing costs so the community is getting the best possible value from its facilities.

    Why is council planning for the development of sports and community facilities?

    At the City of Marion we believe that our community should have access to a broad range of high quality sport and community facilities so that everyone has the opportunity to lead an active, healthy lifestyle. Council aims to plan for a spread of regional sport and community facilities across the city that will cater for the community’s needs for generations to come.

    Council is currently faced with a broad range of issues that are impacting on our existing sport and community facilities, including:

    •  Ageing infrastructure
    •  Increasing costs associated with maintaining older facilities
    •  Increasing demand for quality facilities
    •  Changing demographics

    Will we continue to have a home after the master plan is complete?

    All clubs or organisations that are currently using one of the master plan sites will be found a home and included in the planning process.