What is the timeline for the project?

    Sturt Road forms a part of a larger precinct area named ‘The Central Marion Precinct Streetscapes’ the project comprising of 3 Arterial Roads that will be broken into five stages. 

    1. Sturt Road between South Road to Sturt Road.
      1. The construction in this section has been completed.
    2. Sturt Road between Marion to Diagonal Road.
      1.  Currently under construction and will be completed in the coming months.
    3. Sturt Road between Diagonal to Morphett Road.
      1. Public consultation with key stakeholders and design review.
      2. Construction will commence in 2021.
    4. Diagonal Road between Sturt Road and Morphett Road.
      1. Public consolation with key stakeholders and design review.
      2. Construction will commence in 2021.
    5. Morphett Road between Sturt Road and Diagonal Road.
      1. Public consultation with key stakeholders and design review.

    Will Sturt or Diagonal Road be closed, and will I have access to my property?

    Work zones will need to be setup, but the road will remain open during construction and access to properties maintained.

    Following construction will traffic movements be altered on Diagonal or Sturt Road?

    No, the final layout will maintain the current dual traffic lane and a bike lane in each direction.  All turning  movements at intersections will be retained.

    Will it change how I access (Westfield)?

    Scentre Group has a current development approval to expand the retail and entertainment precinct. Access points on Diagonal Road, Morphett Road and Sturt Road are to be retained.

    What is a wombat crossing and why has this been proposed on Crew Street?

     A wombat crossing is a traffic control device that supports pedestrian connectivity whilst slowing vehicle speeds. A wombat crossing in this location will enhance the safety of pedestrians walking between the regional centre (Marion Cultural Centre, State Aquatic Centre and Westfield) and the Oaklands Train Station. The wombat crossing will incorporate a raised platform with line marking and lighting.

    Why has Diagonal Road (Crew Street to Trott Grove) been designed with a future stage 2 incorporating a pedestrian activated crossing?

     Council are currently developing concepts for Warracowie Way to support community activities and pedestrian/ cyclist access to the regional centre. The pedestrian activated crossing will improve the safety of pedestrians crossing Diagonal Road and connections to the walking and cycling network. Community engagement on this proposal is planned for 2021/22 subject to coordination with state government and grant funding announcements. 

    What is Water Sensitive Urban Design?

    Water sensitive urban design is a method of diverting kerb storm water flows into specially prepared roadside rain gardens that are planted with drought tolerant native vegetation.  

    The benefits of Water Sensitive Urban Design are:

    • Capturing and using street stormwater
    • Improved water quality by removing Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and suspended solids.
    • Reducing flows into the sea.

    What vegetation will be planted as part of this proposal?

    Trees – Iron Bark, Yellow Gum, Chinese Pistacio, Japanese vase Plants – a selection of drought tolerant plants.

    When will construction of this project commences and conclude?

    The project is scheduled to commence late 2021 with completion by June 2022.