What is the Coastal Walkway?

    The Coastal Walkway forms part of the State Government’s Coast Park initiative, which when finished will provide 71km of recreational trail from Sellicks Beach to North Haven.

    Why are these works being done?

    Council has developed a 15 year plan. This investment focusses on the first three stages for renewal, the Field River and Grey Road and Kurnabinna Gullies.

    Safety concerns forced the temporary closure of 2.5km of the 8km walkway last June.

    Council reopened more than 2km of this section in January following repairs. 

    The concept designs have been developed with the aim of protecting the sensitive flora, fauna and cultural heritage of the area. They also seek to provide safe and convenient access to the coastline for local residents and visitors.

    Will Council consider using recycled plastic products as part of the material selections for the walkway?

    Yes - recycled plastics will be used where appropriate while ensuring engineering requirements are met.

    When will Council notify the community regarding the preferred design options?

    It’s anticipated Council will notify the community on design options around October 2020 in readiness to inform Council report in late November 2020 for endorsement to advance to design and documentation

    What plans does Council have to protect the walkway into the future?

    Council will seek to address the impact of stormwater and erosion on the coastal walkway as part of a broader Coastal Walkway Asset Management Plan.

    Is there a long-term plan to renew the Coastal Walkway?

    Council has developed a long-term plan to completely rebuild the structures,

    which would cost an estimated $14.5 million over 15 years, subject to funding.

    Are there other trails in the City of Marion?

    There is a wide variety of walking and cycling paths in the City of Marion, including the Coast to Vines Rail Trail which is currently part of the coastal diversion route. Other trails include Sturt River Linear Park, and O’Halloran Hill Recreation Park.

    What is the City of Marion's Coast Park Plan?

    The Coast Park Plan is being developed to guide planning, design, prioritisation and timing of potential future stages of the coastal walkway for the length of the City of Marion coastline.

    The draft plan is anticipated for completion in mid-2019 for Council endorsement and community feedback.

    Why are Hooded Plovers important?

    For more information on the Hooded Plover bird species visit the Natural Resources Adelaide Mt Lofty Rangers – Hooded Plovers website.

    Is Council considering a boardwalk structure across the mouth of field river as part of the design options?

    Due to the sensitivity of the dunes, protection of coastal vegetation, ongoing maintenance occasioning from storm surges and erosion, Council will not be considering a boardwalk structure across the mouth of the field river. The proposed pathway will be using the existing pathway and crossing at Cormorant Drive.

    What areas being considered in relation to the proposed Coastal Walkway?

    Council is currently gathering information by consulting with the community, government agencies, and experts in cultural heritage and environmental assessments.

    Are local cafes still accessible?

    The Marino Rocks Café and the Boatshed Café are open and accessible.