Frequently Asked Questions

Why is the playground being removed?

In 2017, the City of Marion endorsed a Playground Framework to ensure the community’s playgrounds were well-designed, well-located, safe and fun for users.  In the last 9 years, 50 playgrounds have been upgraded and an additional 7 are currently in the process of being designed or constructed.

As part of the Framework, a number of playgrounds will be upgraded and some will be removed to ensure that:

  • Current and future playgrounds are renewed at appropriate times to ensure safety of the community.
  • Playgrounds are in an accessible location and spread as evenly as possible throughout the City of Marion – this may include removal of playgrounds due to oversupply in a particular area. Additionally, it may include new playgrounds to address a deficiency in an area.
  • Council resources are used effectively, in line with Council’s strategic objectives of keeping rates as low as possible whilst providing services that are fair and equitable throughout the City of Marion.

What is going to replace the playground equipment?

The design proposes minor landscaping works, natural play elements and new park furniture to replace the play equipment. We welcome your feedback on what Council can do at the reserve to make it enjoyable for users.

Is there going to be new play equipment in the reserve?

As there are a number of playgrounds in the area, Council is not proposing to replace the play equipment at the reserve, however, the reserve will be reinstated to create attractive and usable open space.

What works can I expect to see happening at the reserve?

The existing play equipment will be removed from the reserve. Following this, the excavated area will be made good to ensure the reserve is a pleasant open space. Planting will be undertaken in the 2019 planting season.

Where are the nearest playgrounds?

See map