How will the Hall continue to operate during development?

    The current proposal would require the hall to be demolished and services relocated so that the new facility could be built.

    The current budget does not include  for relocation costs or any temporary facilities to continue to operate during construction.

    When will this be built?

    This will be determined by the time required to obtain 50% external partnership funding. Once funding is confirmed, the final development of the design, progressing all approvals and the construction phase will be approximately 2 years to the opening of the facility. We have engaged community early in the process to ensure feedback at the concept stage. 

    What’s included in the $5m?

    The $5M covers a total project cost that has taken into consideration the rebuild of the community hall, including upgrade to site infrastructure, professional fees, levies, statutory charges and contingencies.

    What if you can’t get funding?

    Council will decide on the way forward, if we do not receive funding.

    Why has it been designed this way?

    The types of spaces accommodated in the proposed facility have been designed in response to the community consultation feedback undertaken in 2019. The design also addresses the requirements of the site topography and orientation, planning considerations and car parking requirements outlined in Council’s Development plan.

    How does it compare to existing hall?

    The existing community hall is a floor area of approximately 557sqm, the proposed design is 881sqm. The main large hall area in the building is comparable in size to the existing main large hall area.  

    The current site accommodates up to 22 car parks on site, the proposed design accommodates 37 car parks on site.

    What kind of activities will be run in the Hall?

    The new facility can accommodate the same activities as currently accommodated. The new facility provides a range of sized spaces which are better connected with contemporary services that are fit for purpose. This will enable other activities to occur in the facility aligned to the community consultation and future opportunities from groups.

    What will happen to my feedback? 

    Council will collate the feedback and determine which components can be incorporated into the current design

    What about the roof garden idea? 

    The roof garden is not in scope as it sits out of the agreed $5M budget set by Council.