What does community consultation involve?

    Council, together with Tennis SA, will consult directly with clubs and the Glenelg Districts Tennis Association to assess the condition of courts, understand the health of clubs and consider how to best plan for the future. We will contact clubs soon with details of opportunities for community consultation.

    Why is Council reviewing the way it manages tennis facilities?

    A number of courts are in poor condition and some clubs are struggling to attract members. Council cannot afford to maintain all existing courts as well as we have in the past. Council wants increased community access and a sustainable program of court development. Council’s other objective is to increase the amount of court space available for netball.

    What will be the impact on clubs?

    Each facility will be reviewed and a plan developed after consulting with the club and Tennis SA.

    What upgrades are already planned?

    Upgrades to Hallett Cove Beach Tennis Club and Clovelly Park courts are planned for the coming year. 

    Will lease arrangements between Council and clubs change?

    Council is reviewing its Lease Licence Policy, which will involve consultation with clubs.

    Does Council plan to raise rents for tennis clubs?

    Rents will be reviewed as part of the Lease Licence Policy, which will have a focus on sustainability for clubs and facilities in line with the four pillars of the Tennis SA Local Government Tennis Strategy. Clubs will be consulted before any decision is made.

    What happens if my club’s lease expires?

    The club will continue to operate as normal under the same terms and conditions of their existing lease until consultation is concluded and new leases are developed and approved.